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The new single ‘Exalted‘ by Glowreeyah Braimah was inspired by an everyday occurrence-a beautiful Sunset.

According to Glowreeyah, ‘While i was driving to a mall one Saturday evening,i spontaneously started singing ‘OH MY SOUL!YOU MUST RISE AND SEE YOUR GOD EXALTED’.A wave of ecstatic joy hit me on the spot.I parked my car and right in front of me,i saw the sun setting in the horizon.
I got out of my car and lifted my hands out there in the parking-lot.

The revelation of the moment for me was simple.That sunset showed me that even though the sun in all its glory was going down that evening,it would surely be set to rise the following morning.

I knew at that moment the purpose of the song.

Our souls are the spark of God in us.Without the soul,our bodies are like light-bulbs without electricity; like computers without the software.And even when we have setting moments like the Sun,we must be able to rise again and again and again.

Our souls carry the life of God.According to the second line in the song,’His Spirit-Air is all we breathe’.

Our living souls must reflect life, sight and hearing, thought and speech, intelligence and emotions, will and desire, personality and identity.

When your soul is downcast,it loses its essence.Its raison d’être.Its reason for living.

Don’t let the troubles of this world,the biased opinions of men,the vicissitudes of life,heart-break,depression and all kinds of ‘wahala’ rob you of your life,your purpose,your God-spark.

Take charge!Command your soul to rise and worship.To see your faithful God exalted as the good God who loves you inspite of what your senses are telling you today.

Because the more we exalt Him,the more He is magnified as The Sun that never sets in your horizon. JESUS FOREVER,JESUS EXALTED-THE KING OF OUR DAYS!’

EXALTED was produced by Olaitan Dada for Natialo Productions.

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