I was at the cross-roads and about to make a very difficult decision .One of those ‘jump-off-the-cliff-and-trust-an-invisible-God-to-catch-you-at-the-bottom- type-of situations’. Tumult and turmoil. I was absolutely terrified. I knelt down to pray in my Mummy-N’s living room but I just could not find the words to express how I really felt. Let’s take a station-break. (Did you cry again Glowreeyah? Ermmmm, yes, I did! *scratching head* Why do you always have to cry just before you write a song? Errrmm….silence and a blank stare). Somehow in the entire process, I received this gift of a song that was given *blowing kisses to heaven…mwah mwah*. The peace and quiet re-assurance I felt while I hummed it cannot be measured. I felt like there were angels all around me, swaying to the beat of the invisible drums I could hear in my head!

I got up smiling; confident in the knowledge that whether kingdoms rise or fall, nothing I would ever face could ever match up to the Almightiness and Bigness of my ‘Main G’ and His available power to act on my behalf! So, here’s to you, dear Listener-if fear, terror, depression, loss, grief and devastation threaten to grip your heart today, I know Jesus can intervene as Lord Supreme over your surrendered life and do only what a ‘Main G’ like Him can do! That’s right! Ahan! Yeah! Yo! *Shout a glass-shattering, pounded-yam energizing Amen, somebooodddyyy! *

So let the worship begin. No one else can wear the crown…….OUR LORD IS GOD ALONE!

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