You put the green in the field

Put the deep in the sea

Put the blue in the sky

You put the spark in the star

Put the shine in the sun

Put yourself in my heart



You are amazing Lord

Izoputam(2x) (You saved me)

You are amazing Lord

Izoputam(2x) (You saved me)


Orphans can now have a friend

Broken lives you will mend

Comfort and hope to the weak

Found by those who will seek

Love that will never end



Ogeníle I nazobamo (Everytime you rescue me)

I mere’moma (You have been good to me)

I gaza mu ta,za mu ta (You will  answer me today, answer me today)

Nna’m ne n’igwe (My Father in Heaven)

Bikochobamo (Please reach out to me)

Ihe aka ri ria na mu n’uwa(The burdens of this world seek to overwhelm me)



(Repeat Chorus)


You’re so amazing Lord

Izoputam(You saved me)

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