Here’s my 2018 itinerary.

I may be ministering in your area.

So if I am, please be my guest and drop in if you can.


6th January 2018. The Elevation Church, Lagos. (Unrestrasined) 8:00am

20th January 2018. Understanding Purpose Music Conference, Lagos. Best Western Hotels. 9:00am




4th February 2018. Cathedral Church of Christ, Lagos Marina. 5:00pm

10th February 2018. The Minstrels Dinner Event, Oriental Hotel, Lagos. 6:00pm

17th February 2018.  DEFINE ( A seminar for Christian Music Creatives) Lagos. 10:00am





21st April 2018. Daystar Christian Center. (Women of Destiny Conference, Freed Indeed) Lagos. 10:00am.

27th April 2018. RCCG Ogudu. (Open Heavens Worship Vigil). 9:00pm






4th May 2018. Redeem Christian Church of God, Lagos.The Invasion 2018. 6:00pm

11th May 2018. The Liberty Church, Lagos. (Breakthrough Night) 7:00pm

12th May 2018. Majestic Daughters (The Empowered Woman), Lagos. 11:00am.

27th May 2018. Meet and Greet Laurie Idahosa, at the Laurie Prays Book Signing. Abuja. 4:00pm.



June 17th 2018. House on the Rock, Makurdi. (God of Miracles with Glowreeyah Braimah), Makurdi. 8:00am.

June 23rd 2018. The Gem Woman Magazine;The Woman Fair, Lagos.(Creating Limitless Opportunies for Women), Lagos. 9:00am.



July 1st 2018. Enkay Live in Concert. (The Bridge) 5:00pm.

July 26 2018. RTW Meet Warrior Women, Lagos. (Healing and Miracle Service) 6:00pm.

July 29th 2018. Forever Concert with Eno Michael, Calabar.



August 5th 2018. Album Launch of Kike Mudiaga, House on the Rock, Lagos. 6:00pm.






















  • January 1st, 2017: Kings Court Chapel, United Kingdom.(Thanksgiving and Anointing Service)
  • 12:00pm.


  • January 14th, 2017: Funke Felix Adejumo Foundation (Women on Winning Edge) Lagos.
  • 9:00am.
    • February 12th, 2017: Hilltop International Christian Center, Lagos (Worship Without Walls)
    • 9:00am.


    • February 25th, 2017: Royalty Christian Center Lagos. (When “NO” is a Blessing)
    • 8:00am.


    • February 25th, 2017: The Readers Corner, Lagos.(Do Something Booky with Glowreeyah Braimah)
    • 2:00pm.



    • March 8th , 2017: Novartis Nigeria Head Office, Lagos. International Women’s Day ( Be Bold For Change)
    • 10:30am.



  • March 8th, 2017(Tokunbo Orimobi Law Practise for International Women’s Day)
  • 02:00pm.


  • March 23rd, 2017: Destiny Place,Rayfield, Jos(Over & Above)
  • 2:00pm – 3:00pm


  • April 7th – 9th,2017: Daystar Christian Centre, Lagos(Step Up)
  • 2:00pm.


  • April 9th 2017.This Present House,Lagos. ( Spreading The Fire)
  • 8:00am and 10:30am

  • April 15th 2017.Victory Sanctuary Church,7th Day Adventist,Lagos.(Dominion Over Recession)
  • 9:00am.

  • April 23rd 2017. Kings Court Chapel,United Kingdom.(Victorious Living)
  • 10:00am.



  • May 1st 2017.May Day with the Minstrels.
  • 3:00pm

  • May 5th and 6th 2017.Funke Felix-Adejumo Foundation. Akure ondo.(Generational Builders).
  • 5:00pm and 12 noon.

May 28th 2017. House on The Rock Asaba. (Woman to Woman Conference) 8:00am & 10:30am.

May 28th 2017. David Christian Center.(Audacious Worship Experience,Album Launch with Paul Chisom) 4:00pm.

May 28th 2017. Christ Apostolic Church (Flames of Praise 1st Edition)5:00pm.

May 29th 2017. The Free Conference, Abuja. 10:00am.



June 4th 2017. His Treasure House, Abuja.( Wonders of Worship) 8:00am & 9:45am.

June 4th 2017. RCCG, Jesus House, Abuja. (Halleluyah- The Shout of Victory) 5:00pm.

June 10th 2017. Conversation with Girls, Abuja.

The Cedarhouse Academy 9:00am

The Foursquare Gospel Church.1:00pm

The School of Impact ( Special Service for Girls) 3:30pm

June 23rd 2017. RCCG, The Oasis.(40 Songs at 40 with Obiora Obiwon) 7:00pm

June 25th 2017. RCCG CLT Province 20, Lagos. (Unveiling Jesus) 5:00pm

June 28th 2017. Fountain of Life Church, Lagos. (A live Recording, Green Worship) 4:30pm



July 8 2017.Engage 2017 -Resonate(Edinburgh)7:30pm

  • July 9th.Engage 2017- Resonate(Abeerden)
  • 6:30pm

July 15th 2017. RCCG Everlasting Father’s Assembly LEEDS, United Kingdom.(From Glory Unto Glory) 6:30pm.

July 16th 2017. The Kingscastle Church, Newcastle. 10:30am.

July 23rd 2017. Mountain of Fire Youth Church, Lagos. (An Evening of Worship) 4:30pm

July 29th,2017. Arise and Shine International Ministries. Texas,USA.(An Evening of Worship with Glowreeyah Braimah)7:00pm

July 30th,2017. Arise and Shine International Ministries. Texas,USA.10:00am


August 19th 2017. Shiloh Conference 2017, Ohio.( Arise and Lead) 5:00pm

August 20th 2017. Shiloh Conference 2017, Ohio.( Arise and Lead) 10:30am



September 1st 2017. The Winning Women Conference 2017, Massachusetts, USA. ( The power of Knowing your worth) 7:00pm

September 2nd 2017. The Winning Women Conference 2017, Massachusetts, USA. ( The power of Knowing your worth) 9:30am.

September 8th 2017. Light of God International Miracle Centre. Newyork, USA. (Two nights of Glory) 8:00pm

September 9th 2017. Light of God International Miracle Centre. Newyork, USA. (Two nights of Glory) 11:00pm.

September 18th and 19th 2017. RCCG, Jesus House, Baltimore, USA.

September 24th 2017. Music Concert (After the Storm), Houston, USA. 3:00pm




23rd -25th October 2017. Shiloh Conference( The Fathers Blessing) London. 6:00am- 6:00pm.

28th October 2017. RCCG Jubilee Centre( STIR 4; A new heart&a new spirit). Lagos, Nigeria.




10th November 2017. When Women Pray(WWP; Praise Night) Lagos. 4:00pm

November 18th 2017.The Conference Hall, Nicon Luxury Hotel, Garki Abuja. (One Worship) 3:00pm.




December 3rd 2017. The Outpouring, Abuja. 4:00pm.

December 15th 2017. Brass Ultimate Praise Night,St Barnabas School Field, Twon Brass, Bayelsa State. 7:00pm.

December 18th 2017. Benue Youth Christmas Carol Festival 2017, IBB Square, Markurdi. 4:00pm

December 23rd 2017. Rebirth (When Women Pray), Ikoyi Lagos. 11:00am