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It was my Associate’s birthday.I had just finished praying with her.I walked away from her and was still muttering a prayer under my breath. I asked ‘Lord,I have these voice-notes with inspiration for a few songs to be recorded,please help me know the very one you’d want me to record next’. Immediately,the chorus-line of this song ‘JEHOVAH ‘formed on my lips and I knew right away that this was the answer to my prayer.

I laughed in utter dis-belief.The sheer incredulity of it all. I simply let it be. The following day,I had a work-meeting in the office of Pastor Nomthi Odukoya of The Fountain of Life Church.
When the meeting had wrapped up,I noticed a picture-frame hanging on her wall. The inscription on the frame had all the names and meanings of Jehovah inscribed. I had been to this same office several times and I had never noticed that picture until that very moment.

I asked Pastor Nomthi if that picture had always been there and she acquiesced that it had. I told her that this happening had just helped to confirm that this song had to be recorded and released.

The truth is that I am growing and learning to unravel that the Lord seeks earnestly to reveal Himself in every way to us. Irrespective of the battle or struggle for our national, communal and/or personal destinies,WE HAVE JEHOVAH AS GOD FOR US!

May JEHOVAH who is always there for us remain everything to us! May this new worship-chant cause you to worship ‘Jehovah’ always

Lyrics: Jehovah by Glowreeyah Braimah

Shalom, Rapha, Jireh
Rohi, Shammah, Elohim
Sabbaoth, Tsidkenu, El-shaddai
Yahweh Oh Yahweh


You’re my Jehovah
You’re my Jehovah
Shalom-my peace
You’re my Jehovah
You’re my Jehovah
Shammah always there for me.

(Repeat Verse)

Chorus 1:

You’re my Jehovah
Jehovah fighting my battles
Jehovah giving me victory
Jehovah is God for me

(Repeat Chorus1)

Chorus 2:

You are Jehovah
You are The Great Jehovah
I call you my Jehovah
Jehovah is God for me


I have Jehovah Oh Jehovah(4x)
(Repeat Chorus 1)
(Repeat Hook)
(Repeat Chorus 2)


Yahweh Oh Yahweh

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