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About Glowreeyah

Music Minister, Author, B2B Creativepreneur, Lawyer, Social Impact Advocate

Glowreeyah Braimah is a kaleidoscope of colours.

As a distinct Worship-Leader and Music Minister, Glowreeyah has graciously used her musical gifts to bless the entire world.

As an insightful Speaker, Glowreeyah’s inspirational life experiences have enabled her to speak at Schools, Corporate and several Media/Television platforms. Most recently, she was featured on The Christian Broadcasting Network’s ‘Turning Point’ International Show and also on the Daystar Television Network USA as a special guest of the hosts, Marcus and Joni Lamb.

As a Lawyer, she has had vast experience in the private sector particularly in the Corporate Social Responsibility, Regulatory and Stakeholder Management.

As a Creativepreneur, she is the CEO of The Creatorium with an avid interest in the digital technology/content marketing space. She is also an alumna of The University of Cambridge with an Executive Business Certificate in Strategic Digital Marketing.

As a Content Consultant, Glowreeyah writes for Sesame Square Productions ( in affiliation with Sesame Street Workshop USA).

As a hearty Humanitarian and a young-at-heart futuristic Pace-setter, she recently founded ZIDATA- a music, creative, leadership and social impact hub to mentor children and young creatives. Her goal is to chart a new path for children, by children and with children.

In summary, Glowreeyah is a blazing multi-passionate and transgenerational personality.

Apart from singing duets and hymns with her as he played the piano, Glowreeyah’s Father fondly nick-named her ‘The Bridge’. Perhaps, he foresaw her innate ability to relate with ease and connect with people, irrespective of their gender, age, race or circumstance.
Her loved ones describe her as a plethora of sorts- Warm, Creative, Resilient, Compassionate and Humorous.

Glowreeyah has been known to write all her songs based on her personal devotion and life experiences.

Her website,, is rife with the inspirational

Glowreeyah Braimah - About

experiences that have birthed most of her songs in her faith-journey.

She says – ‘I may never have the force and prowess of the world’s greatest armies or the vast reserves of the super-powers but  what I have is heart, life and love enough to change my generation; with one word, one song, one expression, one person at a time’!

Some of her well-known songs from ‘THE EXPRESSION’ album are the evidence of her remarkable testimony. Songs such as ‘Covenant-Keeper’, ‘Angel-Armies’, ‘Eze’ and the beautiful worship-anthem ‘Miracle-Worker’.
Her sophomore album, titled ‘THE CORE’ comprises of her lovely songs such as ‘Open Heavens’, ‘Jesus is here’, ‘Exalted’, ‘Holy Hallelujah’, Moving mightily’ and ‘Colours of Jesus’ amongst other gems in the album.

Glowreeyah is very colourful in her expression and in the demonstration of her love for God and for people. She is graced for such a time as this as a Woman making a difference in her Community, in her Nation and in her World.